GroupCamp adds GroupCamp Project to the Google Apps Marketplace with Gmail and Google Docs integration

By adding GroupCamp Project, an online project management software to their Google Apps domain, business users can use their online project software with Google Apps online applications such as Gmail and Google Docs.

GroupCamp Project, which is GroupCamp's online project management software ( is now available as an installable app in the Google Apps Marketplace.
Google Apps customers eager to discover integrated cloud-based business applications can now enjoy the variety of benefits of GroupCamp’s integration with Google Apps. Enterprise users need to add GroupCamp Project to their Google Apps domain to enhance their productivity by using GroupCamp Project’s web-based applications with Google Apps such as Gmail or Google Docs.

Easy user provisioning and single sign on 

When linking a GroupCamp account to a Google Apps domain, account Administrators can invite Google Apps users to join online projects with a single click. Users can use their existing Google Apps credential to sign in or access GroupCamp Project from their Google Apps universal navigation bar. Once users are invited into online projects they can enjoy the benefits of GroupCamp’s integration with Google Apps.

Using Gmail contextual gadgets to update online task lists

The other GroupCamp Project integration is based on Google’s Gmail service for businesses. The integration takes the form of a contextual gadget. At the bottom of every received email in the inbox users can transform the body or subject of an email into a task in their online project. The gadget brings enhanced productivity by allowing project users to process all the emails of their inbox and assign tasks in the relevant task lists without leaving their Gmail interface in their browser.

Creating Google Docs files from your online projects

For business users of Google Docs, they can use GroupCamp Project Files application to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets. The file is created with authorised access to all users of a Google Apps domain. The Google Docs integration also allows project members to link to existing Google Docs by browsing all accessible files in their domain. Users can then add and assign tasks by attaching links to the Google Docs files.

“In the move to cloud applications, businesses are looking for improved productivity with all their business software starting with email, shared calendars and online documents. We believe there is a great fit between our products and Google Apps and the marketplace model allows us to provide unique user experience on very common use cases.” according to Dickel SOORIAH, GroupCamp’s co-founder. 

Adding Google Calendar to the list

The next level of integration for GroupCamp Project will be the ability for users to have updates in their Google Calendar when they are responsible for a milestone or if they have assigned tasks with due dates.
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