GroupCamp launches its cloud-based collaboration software for SMBs in 6 new languages

After an initial launch in French, Spain, Germany and Russia, GroupCamp is now available to SMBs in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Swedish and Polish

12 APRIL 2012, PARIS
GroupCamp, the provider of GroupCamp Project the online project management software is now available in a total of 11 languages. This places the cloud-based collaboration software platform as one of the leading online business apps provider for SMBs in Europe. GroupCamp has also launched a partner reseller program which allows businesses to purchase GroupCamp from their local trusted resellers in their country

GroupCamp ( the business collaboration software company has announced that GroupCamp Project ( its cloud-based collaboration tools designed for collaborative project management is now fully available in Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Czech, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian). The cloud-based software comes in both web desktop versions and also as a web application for touchscreen smartphones such as iPhone and Android. GroupCamp apps also have adapted and optimized interfaces to make it usable from tablets such as the iPad.

SMBs from Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Brazil can now benefit from GroupCamp cloud applications to improve their group productivity and teamwork collaboration while reducing their IT costs. "Our collaborative tools have been well received in all markets where we have launched and we already have an existing client base in those countries using GroupCamp in English. We are now happy to bring our tools on those new fast-growing cloud applications market" said Dickel SOORIAH, GroupCamp's co-founder.

Cloud-based collaboration software: on-demand software with monthly subscriptions and free trials

GroupCamp cloud-based software can be accessed with any common Internet browser, with a simple subscription model and without any long-term contract or setup fee. Businesses can have their teams start trying all features of  the tools during a one-month free trial. Setting up an account takes only 60 seconds.

At the end of the free trial, the company may then decide which plan to subscribe to or export at any time all the data present in their account. All GroupCamp plans can be cancelled at any time.

"Our model is fully transparent and bears no hidden costs. With the new generation of cloud-based software, all our clients use the same version of our apps and benefit from regular feature updates on a regular basis."  said Dickel SOORIAH.

Cloud-based collaboration software: unlimited users in your projects starting at 19 Euros per month

GroupCamp Project is built for both internal teamwork within a company and also for collaboration with clients and partners. GroupCamp's online project management tool includes file management and file sharing, time tracking and time sheets, task management with priority management, milestones for project planning and a collaborative wiki for knowledge management in projects.

GroupCamp provides a forever Free plan for GroupCamp Project without any limit in time and with an unlimited number of users.

Dickel SOORIAH added: "Our Free plan is designed for education or non-profit organizations, start-ups and new entrepreneurs wanting to build an online workspace and get to work with their teams. We wanted to design a Free plan that would actually be useful for clients getting started with our productivity apps".

GroupCamp cloud applications and local resellers in the Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden, Poland and Italy

Small businesses can also purchase GroupCamp via a local reseller in Italy, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Local resellers can bring added value to GroupCamp clients with customized training sessions, phone and on-premise support and customized billing and payment.

"What small businesses are looking for are cloud-based productivity tools that can be easily rolled out within a company and GroupCamp Project is a great add-on to our existing value-added services especially around the Google Apps suite" declaredDimitri Van Esch, Chief Technical Officer at GMove,, GroupCamp Partner in the Netherlands and local authorized Google Apps Reseller.  

"With GroupCamp's level of integration with Google Apps, we hope to be able to bring a complete bundle of collaboration tools all based on the cloud computing model for our clients" declared Silvano Pancaldi

CEO of Injenia,( GroupCamp Partner and local authorized Google Apps Reseller.  

"GroupCamp is exactly what many of our clients are looking for. It offers a complete bundle of tools to collaborate and is integrating seamlessly with Google Apps so users are working more productively in a secure online environment" tells Martijn Snels from http://pluscloud . nl, GroupCamp Partner and Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

Web-based project management integrated with office software

All GroupCamp applications work with regular office software based on Microsoft, Google, Apple or Linux systems:

  • Common internet browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Explorer (8+), Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Microsoft Office, Apple, Linux, Google Docs (Word, Excel, pdf, jpg, png, etc) are supported,
  • Calendars from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, Apple iCal can be synchronized with project tasks and milestones,
  • Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Notes, Novell, Thunderbird, all are tested to receive email notifications in HTML format and allow replies to be made and taken into account by GroupCamp,
  • Gadgets for Gmail allows users to save emails from the inbox and add tasks directly on emails saved in their online projects without having to leave the Gmail interface,
  • Contact imports from Gmail or Google Apps, Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.

Web-based project management with iPhone or Android smartphones

GroupCamp collaboration software can also be accessed from touchscreen smartphones such as iPhone and Android phones. GroupCamp supports iPhone devices as from version 3.1 and Android as from version 2.1

"Our model is fully transparent and bears no hidden costs. With the new generation of cloud-based software, all our clients use the same version of our apps and benefit from regular feature updates on a regular basis" Dickel SOORIAH, Co-founder GroupCamp
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GroupCamp, a technology company based in Paris, is a provider of on-demand software for businesses. GroupCamp is a privately-funded business founded in 2008 in Paris (France). GroupCamp builds simple but powerful applications to help businesses work better by making the most of web-based software. GroupCamp is the provider of GroupCamp Project, an online project management software designed to help businesses manage collaborative projects online, online timesheet and time tracking management, idea management and innovation, customer project management and collaborative writing. GroupCamp products are also available in the Google Apps Marketplace. GroupCamp has a partner program for resellers and an affiliate referral program
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