GroupCamp launches online time tracking software within its online project suite

The cloud-based time tracking and timesheet software allows businesses to track company billable hours across projects

GroupCamp's timesheets and time tracking collaborative project management suite. The new time tracking software allow users and project managers to have a better understanding of time spent on their project activities and provide project managers with reporting tools than can be used for invoicing billable time within their projects.
GroupCamp Project's online time tracking tool allows all members of an online project to add time records on the tasks assigned to them. With these new features, project managers can easily track the time spent in their different teams and have a clearer picture of the overall progress while controlling costs and margins of their client projects.

Time tracking software - reporting within a project

With Timelog, all members of a project can enter time records on their project activities thus allowing Project Managers to track the time spent in their different projects in real-time. Moreover, project members can select specific time periods over which to track the time spent within a project. The application also enables the users to monitor the time they've spent on tasks within projects. Subsequently, they can generate time reports that can be grouped and sorted in different ways.

Time tracking software - tracking all company billable hours

In Timesheet, project administrators can monitor the billable hours of the company in realtime. Users can enter the time spent by selecting a business week, projects and timesheet categories while administrators and project managers can use online timesheets to track company hours not only across projects but also on timesheet categories which are independent of any client project such as training and traveling.
Project Managers can then easily create cross-project reports with breakdown by user, project and categories. These can be exported in PDF and sent to the different project entities for invoicing purposes. 

"Our time tracking solution is a real keystone in GroupCamp Project as managers and administrators now have a tool that allows them to manage time and budgets across their projects" according to Dickel SOORIAH, co-founder of GroupCamp.

GroupCamp's time tracking software is the perfect tool for companies subcontracting work to freelancers and service companies. GroupCamp project's tight integration with Google Apps for Business makes it even more compelling for project members using Google Docs and Google Calendar for online collaboration. 
"Our time tracking application is a real keystone in GroupCamp Project as managers and administrators now have a tool that allows them to manage time and budgets across their projects." Dickel Sooriah, co-founder - GroupCamp
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